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Gamification in the Online Casinos Industry

Regardless of the industry type, a priority of every business is innovation. There is no difference in the case of online casinos. Here the process of adaptation and implementation of new technologies is almost everyday practice. By combining bookmaking services with the game mechanism, we get a gamification process.


30% up to €1000


100% up to €200 + 60 Free Spins


100% up to $200


100% up to €500


100% up to €500

It is a technique that aims to keep user activity of any kind of platform resembling participation in a computer game. The process started and developed in Malta, the birthplace of virtual casinos, and from there it spread to the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden and Norway), an area with greater market deregulation. However, there are more and more countries which are beginning to follow this trend.

The reasons why casinos focus on “gamification” are 4 fold:

  1. attracting a younger audience,
  2. being able to offer new and exciting experiences,
  3. introducing innovative solutions,
  4. and above all, maintaining popularity among the clientele.

The traditional model has always resisted a very basic offer: the player deposited a certain amount, and the company gave him a bonus (e.g. by doubling it). Now the competition is big enough that you really have to go a step further. You have to offer the player everything, give him the opportunity to choose and make a decision. Gamification creates a system in which the same player's results along with his social and personal motivation will allow him to choose from many awards, specially created and automatically based on his behavior and playing patterns while giving the player a greater sense of satisfaction. Moreover, the player's loyalty is also rewarded and he can earn rewards, and bonuses for something for which he did not receive such a win before.

The gamification process is not easy and requires careful action. A complex platform can become an excuse to quit the game by the user. That's why it is so important that gamification does not block functionality, but complements it. If gamification distracts the player, the casino loses. Additionally, the development of a platform based on elements of game mechanics obviously means for the company development and promotion costs. Creativity is of particular importance in the gamification process. Technically and economically gamification in the casino is not an expensive investment in itself, it is rather a creative investment that requires a particular focus on the player and his involvement in the casino. Gamification is the next and natural step in the virtual gaming industry as it intensifies the gaming experience, in addition to, of course, providing players with fun and entertainment. This is one of the most important directions in which the online casino industry has developed in recent years and will continue to develop and improve with the advancement of technology and ideas.