The Hidden Harvest of The Sea

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Our Products


Hebridean Sea Salt
Pure Original

Hand harvested pure white sea salt flakes.


Hebridean Sea Salt
Peat Smoked

Smoked locally and packed full of peaty flavour.


Hebridean Sea Salt
Seaweed Infused

Our pure sea salt flakes infused with local sustainably collected seaweed.

Hebridean Sea Salt Packaging

"The search for local salt i had given up on ...there is, as we all know a good English sea salt but the holy Grail to get Scottish salt was dead in the water !!!
Then the rumours on twitter that there was a salt from a young lady in the Hebrides was followed up very quickly and bordering on stalking until we found Natalie,
the samples came and the deal was sealed !

At The Scottish cafe we take pride in using Local Artisan suppliers when the product is as great as Natalie's Hebrides Sea salt we take great satisfaction in knowing that a new staple in Scottish cooking has arrived."

Suzanne O'Connor , The Scottish Cafe ( first Edinburgh Restaurant to use the salt !!! )